Windows Mobile Phone Experience


  • Deutsche Bahn Navigator w/ ticket function finally available end of 2016.
  • Threema and WhatsApp available, no XMMP/Jabber app with OTR.
  • Reddit and Twitter apps ok, Facebook app awful, they say.
  • Commerzbank no pictureTAN app, other banks do offer it, though.
  • Native HERE/Microsoft maps plus navigation
    • Although maps are "offline", some mobile data is consumed, for what?!
    • Microsoft app still better on iOS/Android, though!?
  • nextCloud app available
  • Podcasts, e.g. Podcasts (beta), Groovy?, Gobble?, Onecast?
  • RSS Readers, e.g. Newsflow, Nextgen Reader (Feedly), ttRSS
  • InstaPaper (miniReader for Instapaper, share via Read Later); there's also a current Instagram client
  • HackerNews, e.g. Hacky News
  • Netflix, but no Amazon app (?)
  • Total Commander (for file transfer, NAS)
  • Further: Wallabag, Foo IRC, ...

The infamous app gap

  • Hardly any SmartWatch apps; no SnapChat, Pok√©mon Go.
  • No Jabber/OTR

Mobile 10 vs. Phone 8.1 -- some things used to be better

  • Swipe keyboard awesome on 8.1, on 10 not really.
  • Mail on 8.1 was good, clean text/plain messages. WM10 spits out lengthy HTML only and has issues with sender's name in IMAP accounts, and breaks OpenPGP app.

Easy on the eye

  • Good value for hardware specs (due to unpopularity?).
  • Great camera (some say Lumia 950XL better than iPhone 7 Plus).
  • Native CalDAV and CardDAV support (to add by way of iCloud account).
  • Black theme on AMOLED display! User defined accent colour.
  • Tiles better than some Android launcher or iOS? Dunno.

Privacy -- Google vs. Microsoft (vs. Apple?)

  • No Google account integration (majority of tracker on the Web are by Google, no? So, without Google account there's no name attached to all that web tracking, is there?).
  • No uBlock Origin for Edge mobile yet, though.
  • Free choice of web search engine.

General future unclear (Surface Phone?), but frequent Windows 10 updates also arrive on mobile.

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